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Karolinska Institute:

Strömblad Group
Department of Biosciences and Nutrition

Staffan Strömblad serves as the coordinator of the project. Strömblad’s group investigates cancer cell migration by use of various quantitative microscopy techniques combined with multivariate statistical analyses and gene and protein expression profiling.

Profile picture of Staffan Strömblad
Staffan Strömblad
Profile picture Xiaowei Gong
Xiaowei Gong
Profile picture of Veronica Larsson
Veronica Larsson
Profile picture of Jianjiang Hu
Jianjiang Hu

Daub Group
Department of Biosciences and Nutrition & Science for Life Laboratory
Daub’s research group contributes with Bioinformatics, Transcriptomics, and Gene regulation studies.

Profile picture of Carsten Daub
Carsten Daub
Potrait picture of Matthias Hörtenhuber
Matthias Hörtenhuber
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Uppsala University:
Landegren Group
Department of  Immunology, Genetics and Pathology and SciLifeLab. The Landegren group is developing molecular technologies for detecting macromolecules. In the Sysmic project the research group develops and applies techniques for parallel analysis of proteins of relevance for cell migration and other cellular processes.

Profile picture of Ulf Landegren
Ulf Landegren
Profile picture of Masood Kamali-Moghaddam
Masood Kamali-Moghaddam
Bo Xu
Bo Xu
Profile picture of Sathishkumar Baskaran
Sathishkumar Baskaran
Profile picture of Erik Ullerås
Erik Ullerås

Wählby Group
Centre for Image Analysis, Dept. IT and SciLifeLab

The Wählby group develops methods and algorithms for image processing and analysis.

Profile picture of Carolina Wählby
Carolina Wählby
Profile picture of Nicolas Pielawski
Nicolas Pielawski

Lunds University:

Nordenfelt Group
Department of Clinical Sciences

The Nordenfelt group develops Integrin mechano-biosensors for live imaging microscopy.

Profile picture ofPontus Nordenfelt
Pontus Nordenfelt
Profile picture of Martin Sundwall
Martin Sundwall
Profile picture of Oscar André
Oscar André
Profile picture of Johannes Kumra Ahnlide
Johannes Kumra Ahnlide


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